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What are primitive reflexes and how do they affect
my child.

Primitive reflexes are reflexes that develop in the womb and shortly after birth that are designed to help a baby cope with the birthing process and the key developmental stages of the first year of life.

Newborn Baby with Mom
Newborn Baby

Integration of primitive reflexes

Primitive reflexes should disappear/integrate into the brain at key stages with all reflexes integrating by the age of around 15 months.

Retained primitive reflexes can be an indication of unequal development of the brain which can lead to behavioural problems and conditions like ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Asperger's etc.

Baby's Grasp

How do you identify these reflexes?

At Kids Therapy our team will perform a thorough examination of your child, identifying the presence of any retained reflexes as well as assessing behaviour, diet and other cognitive issues your child may present with.

Baby's Grasp
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